Ledcom d.o.o.


Status: Član Ljubljanskega Univerzitetnega Inkubatorja (LUI)

Direktor: Marko Čadež

Št. sodelavcev: 5

Leto ustanovitve: 2011

Ledcom d.o.o, is a product design company dedicated to designing ergonomic accessories for tablet computers. Ledcom d.o.o was established and entered on the market in 2011 under its own brand XVIDA. At XVIDA we believe it is possible to substantially expand the potential of tablet computers with the use of external accessories which allow for easy use in non-standard applications, such as: navigating a boat or a car, enjoying watching a movie while working out on a fitness device, or perhaps reading a digital book in a relaxed position on a long-haul flight. The same mounting device should also act seamlessly as a tablet computer stand. A so-called “tablet mount & stand – All-In-One solution”.


At XVIDA we have been following enthusiastically the development of the tablet market since the advent of iPad1 and consistently noticed that the relatively underdeveloped market of tablet accessories has so far failed to offer a perfect solution to this problem. We see this as a great opportunity to tap into this fast growing market. That is why we joined forces with Slovenia’s top product design company GIGODESIGN to come up with an elegant expandable solution that follows the Apple tradition in simple yet sophisticated design.


XVIDA is team of young professionals with vast expertize in consumer product design, plastics & mechanical engineering and manufacturing to online sales & marketing. It is led by its founder Uros Cadez. It is privately-held by the founder who is a majority stake-holder and Jugoslav Petkovic, angel investor. It is currently concluding minority partnership talks with Slovenia’s most reputable product design studio GIGODESIGN and a development and manufacturing company KOPT d.o.o.