Vitalab d.o.o.

Direktor: Anže Miklavec

Leto ustanovitve: 2009

Company Vitalab d.o.o. developed the products that you can find under the brand name Ushakes. The development was firmly supported by acknowledged doctors, nutritionists and sport coaches from Austria, Slovenia and others EU countries. Production is constantly running under the highest standards.

Mission:To create a healthier lifestyle for active people. We want to reduce weight problems and help people to become more focused on a work place.

When you are in a hurry, Ushakes is the perfect vitamin meal choice for your body and mind!

One portion contains only 228 kcal.
Frame structure:
45 % of protein
55 % of carbon-hydrates
8 Vitamins, 14 Minerals, Antioxidants, Omega 3 and Diet fibres.

Ushakes is a perfect nutrition supplement for healthy and active lifestyle!