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Iščete nove priložnosti za razvoj svojega startupa ali scaleupa s področja zdravja?

EIT Health je področna skupnost znotraj evropskega inštituta za inovacije in tehnologijo, ki se osredotoča na zdravje in zdravstveno oskrbo. Združuje vrhunske inovatorje s področja zdravja, kot so univerze, raziskovalni inštituti, bolnišnice, biotehnološke, laboratorijske, medicinske in IT industrije, ter zdravstvenih zavarovalnic.

Startupom in scaleupom s področja zdravja v okviru svojih brezplačnih programov omogočajo številne možnosti za razvoj. Če iščete načine za izdelavo prototipa, vstop na tuje trge, povezovanje z investitorji in širjenje vaše poslovne mreže, vas spodaj čakajo številne priložnosti.

Če želite pridobiti še več informacij o odprtih programih, vabljeni na našo informativno delavnico EIT Health Info Day 10. 3.!


  • Patient Innovation Bootcamp

Submission deadline: 31. 5. 2022

Who better than patients and their caregivers to have that crucial insight which leads to true product innovation?

Offering a unique combination of mentoring and onsite and online training, this Bootcamp supports the development and launch of innovative solutions created by people directly affected by health conditions. The aim is to help them move their ideas from solutions to prototypes through to market-ready innovations.

The Patient Innovation Bootcamp consists of two-weeks of mentoring and training on-site in Lisbon – medical and technology validation and development, and Copenhagen – implementation and diffusion, and on-line training regarding business model design in between.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/patient-innovation-bootcamp/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Investor Network

Submission deadline: 14. 7. 2022

Raising funds is a lengthy and complex process for start-ups, especially those looking to launch in multiple markets across Europe. We connect qualified companies seeking early-stage funding with our pan-European consortium of over 80 investors across 18 countries. Join us to seek your seed, bridge, or Series A round funding (€1 to  €6million). For the best chance of success, read our full Application Guidelines here.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/investor-network/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Mentoring & Coaching Network

Submission deadline: ongoing

Your one-stop shop for expert healthcare industry knowledge.

Whether you’re starting up or scaling up, this programme will give you access to a world-leading pool of over 200 healthcare industry experts – all ready to share their knowledge and help you make new and exciting connections. Having a mentor could make all the difference in growing your business successfully. When you tap into the Mentoring and Coaching Network, you’ll have your pick of diverse mentors: whether you’re looking for an academic professor, European patent attorney or venture capitalist to give you the inside track — odds are, they’re in our network.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/mentoring-and-coaching-network/

Apply here: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Gold Track

Submission deadline: ongoing

Accelerating the growth of massively scalable healthcare companies!

Gold Track pairs promising companies with top-flight life science advisors who immerse themselves in your ideating, strategising, and operational execution to set you on a path to success.

With its ambition to massively scale these businesses, Gold Track is built on personal relationships between mentors and mentees. Through individualised guidance, we support companies in unlocking ambitious business and investment opportunities within short timeframes as you conquer unmet medical needs.

Powered by our operator Advise Connect Inspire (ACI), Gold Track’s accelerator model has been validated across multiple European programmes. Gold Track has led to companies raising over €500M, securing 21 partnerships and achieving two exits.

Are you the next Gold Track company?

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/gold-track/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Venture Centre of Excellence Application

Submission deadline: ongoing

EIT Health and the European Investment Fund (EIF) are partnering to operate the Venture Centre of Excellence, a public-private co-investment programme empowering financing for European health start-ups to accelerate their innovation for citizens.
- Facilitate your access to equity funding to complete your Series A, B and up to pre-IPO fundraising rounds.
- Increase your visibility towards qualified, expert European Life Science investors of different types.
- Build strategic and trusting relationships with your investors.
- Deepen your integration within the EIT Health network.
- Obtain a transparent and valuable assessment of innovation by going through the VCoE vetting process, and standing out from the crowd.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/venture-centre-of-excellence/

Apply here: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/



  • InnoStars Awards

Submission deadline: 27. 3. 2022

Do you have an entrepreneurial mind-set with a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) in the healthcare field? Join us to validate your prototype or MVP in the market, enhance your knowledge and extend your professional network in the InnoStars Awards programme!

Through funding, training, mentoring, and networking events we help your startup to validate the need for your healthcare innovations, attract investors, and ultimately shorten the time it takes to get your idea to the market. We will give € 25,000 to all accepted start-ups for project development and mentoring – and your final pitch could win you another € 25,000 to launch your innovation.

Additionally Projects with a focus on active-aging have the opportunity to enter into the Healthy Longevity Global Grand Challenge, a global innovation competition founded by the United States National Academy of Medicine (NAM), in collaboration with EIT Health and other leading international institutions.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/innostars-awards/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Startups Meet Pharma

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

EIT Health Startups Meet Pharma is a challenge-based acceleration programme connecting start-ups developing innovative solutions for chronic care with leading pharma partners in Europe. The programme seeks to support startups offering solutions to healthcare challenges identified by the pharma industry. As they address these challenges, the startups will work in collaboration with top pharma partners.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/start-ups-meet-pharma/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers 

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

EIT Health Startups Meet Healthcare Providers is a challenge-based acceleration programme bringing together in one frame (i) healthcare providers posing specific problems that hinder their effective and best possible provision of care and (ii) start-ups developing innovative technologies and services representing potential solutions for the selected challenges.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/start-ups-meet-healthcare-providers/

Apply here: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Bridgehead Europe and Global (for European scale-ups)

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

We bring together European health entrepreneurs who want to grow their business beyond their home market with Europe’s top incubators and accelerators who have the expertise and resources to make it happen. We will help match your scale-up the right organisation from EIT Health’s approved network – we call them Catalysers. Together, you will plan how to access new markets quickly and decisively, tap into local networks of partners and clients, access infrastructure and understand new regulatory systems. The programme is split into Bridgehead Europe (for scaling from one European market to another) and Bridgehead Global (for taking your business outside Europe).

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/bridgehead/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Catapult

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

A unique competition and training programme that showcases the best business concepts in biotech, medtech and digital health to leading experts and investors across Europe. This one-of-a-kind, rigorous and rewarding competition spotlights start-ups that offer best value to users and customers. Throughout the process, start-ups receive intensive training as you build your credibility and visibility through pan-European exposure. We showcase finalists at the EIT Health Summit as you go head-to-head for your share of the €210,000 investment prize fund with the Audience Award Winner displayed on the New York Nasdaq Tower.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/catapult/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Wildcard

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

Open to innovators who want to change the course of their future and ours. Wild Card provides world-class training and mentoring, and the opportunity to create a venture with up to €1.5 million investment (grant-for-option).

More information: https://wildcard.eithealth.eu/

Apply here: https://eithealth.eu-1.smartsimple.eu/s_Login.jsp


  • Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp connects early-stage, women-led or co-led healthcare start-ups to an unparalleled network of mentors in order to nurture and support rapid growth.

We’ll help you leverage the diversity in your leadership team to achieve the best possible outcomes for your start-up. And this programme will also help you find the reference points you need to successfully frame your ambition and validate your value proposition.

The Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp is a five-week programme – providing intensive training, mentoring and networking opportunities in Galway (Ireland), Coimbra (Portugal) and Barcelona (Spain).

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/women-entrepreneurship-bootcamp/

Apply: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • User Validation Labs 

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

As a start-up innovating in healthcare, you can benefit from obtaining feedback and validation with your future users – patients and healthcare providers.

User Validation Labs are EIT Health’s European partners – such as living labs, accelerators, hospitals, and innovation centres — that support a connection between start-ups and the future end users of your product, including patients, clinicians, and medical staff. This programme helps start-ups to connect with User Validation Labs that can help you to organise and execute a validation study for your innovation.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/ulabs/

Apply here: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


  • Reactor Bootcamp

Submission deadline: 14. 3. 2022

Are you looking for the path to commercialise your innovative healthcare solution? The Reactor Bootcamp will provide a customised path so you can find your product-market fit and accelerate early adoption and get prepared for partnership building.

You’ll get expert guidance on customer awareness, developing the customer journey, industry compliance, and go-to-market strategy. You’ll get extensive training towards commercialising your product or service through four intensive remote sprints paired with tailored mentorship.

Become part of an international network and gain invaluable connections to a pan-European community of healthtech innovators. Reactor’s trainers and mentors include seasoned entrepreneurs from the healthcare industry, compliance experts, investors, and decision-makers from GE Healthcare.

More information: https://eithealth.eu/programmes/reactor-bootcamp/

Apply here: https://eithealth.optimytool.com/en/


Vse zbrane programe si lahko ogledate na: https://eithealth.eu/what-we-do/our-programmes/

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EIT Health je neodvisna institucija EU, ki s sredstvi iz programa Obzorje 2020 in drugih virov spodbuja podjetništvo in inovacije na področju zdravja ter aktivnega staranja. V okviru regionalne inovacijske sheme (RIS) in v sodelovanju z Ljubljanskim univerzitetnim inkubatorjem (EIT Health RIS Hub) želijo spodbuditi lokalno inovacijsko okolje v Sloveniji.