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With the goal and in concurrence with worldwide trends of boosting entrepreneurship amongst the student and academic staff, University of Ljubljana (UL) has founded Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI) in 2004.



We are personal entrepreneurship coacheswho help entrepreneurs and everyone who would like to become one – to test their ideas in industry. We thoroughly change the conditions for the establishment and development of innovative enterprises.

We offer a perfect working environment where:

  • Promising start-up companies utilize cutting-edge knowledge generated within the University of Ljubljana;
  • Technological progress abides;
  • Knowledge and technologies are transferred to industry;
  • Interdisciplinary teams generate interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • New jobs are created.

PremisesLUI’s conference and meeting rooms


We aim to become an internationally acclaimed university incubator serving as the best platform to newly established enterprises when entering the business arena.



We believe that with our presence we foster ingenuity and courage. We work in a pleasant, creative and open atmosphere. We are reliable partners and collaborators that strive for success of our incubator, our businesses and the Slovenian market as a whole.


Long-term strategic directions and goals

To achieve the vision and fulfill its mission, LUI has set the following strategic goals and policies:

  • To improve the transfer of knowledge between the University of Ljubljana (UL) and industry.
  • To stimulate the development of the central Slovene region and the whole country and to improve the competitiveness of Slovene economy.
  • To increase the employability of University of Ljubljana graduates by promoting entrepreneurship as an employment option.
  • To raise the entrepreneurial awareness in the university environment and to encourage young people to realize their business ideas within existing or newly established enterprises.
  • To improve conditions that will enable enterprising young people to pursue their visions and to realize their business ideas.
  • To improve various forms of education and training in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • To promote entrepreneurial values among young people.
  • To facilitate the establishment of research and hi-tech companies.
  • To actively contribute to the establishment of university and research spin-offs.
  • To increase the percentage of women active in the entrepreneurial arena.
  • To increase the exchange of information related to innovation and entrepreneurship not only between the LUI and the UL, but also between institutions forming the support environment and the general public.
  • To increase the recognisability of LUI trademark in Slovenia and abroad, and to turn it into a synonym for entrepreneurial success.


In order to achieve its strategic objectives, the Ljubljana University Incubator, following the example of the world’s best incubators and on the basis of several studies, is developing mechanisms and activities that will help to achieve these objectives on an annual basis.



LUI’s main pillars

LUI is trying to be more innovative and more effective than similar supporting institutions in Slovenia and abroad. With this in mind, we have introduced seven basic pillars with which we aim to achieve our short-term and long-term goals:

  • interdisciplinarity;
  • communication;
  • networking;
  • arts;
  • flexibility;
  • competition;
  • knowledge.

Workshops for young researchers


Proudly presenting successes of LUI and its members up to now

We have supported 139 start-ups on their entrepreneurial journey with the degree of viability 90%.

As much as 42% of incubated companies and alumni are already present on foreign markets, particularly in EU countries, countries of SE Europe and USA, and also in China, Iran, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, UAE …

The potential of LUI’s start-ups is recognized by domestic and foreign investors. LUI’s start-ups have received investments totalling to €20 million and 9 of our most promising start-ups generated more than million euros of revenues, two of them even over 2 million. By now, LUI’s start-ups opened over 400 vacancies, mainly in the fields of development and marketing. We are extremely proud of the good results our members achieve.

LUI’s start-ups were one of the most successful applicants at obtaining grants in the P2 Competition held by the Slovene Enterprise Fund. Some of the main selection criteria were potential and technological innovation.

And also, we are proud that LUI was a 2016 finalist for Central European Startup Award 2016 in the category of best accelerator or incubator program.





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